Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Where to stay with Classic Cars Hot Rod Weekend

Hot Rod Weekend April 15 through 17 Pigeon Forge, Tn. It will be a great weekend to come in to see all the classic cars. There are cabins and chalets,available, close to town (if you are bringing a classic car and would like to stay in a cabin instead of a hotel). When you call cabin rental programs be sure to let them know you are bringing a classic car. You want to find out where you will be staying due to a lot of cabins being located off of mountain roads. This way you can be placed on paved roads close to town. We do have several areas available close to town. Our main website is http://www.firesidechalets.com ,Search size of the cabin you are looking for and then you can search locations. Some locations we have close to down town Pigeon Forge with paved roads.

River Pointe Location: Only one mile from town. Right on the little Pigeon River. Great area when bringing classic cars or motor bikes because a lot of the cabins are on stills and you can park under the chalets.

Mountain Brook Location only one mile from town. Off of Wears Valley Rd. Mountain Brook offers some one story chalets with easy access.

Wood ridge Location one mile from town off of Wears Valley Rd. Most chalets are 2 story all are inside the city of Pigeon Forge

Stonehenge one mile from downtown Pigeon Forge off of Wears Valley Rd. Stonehenge offers 2 story cabins with view of the Smoky Mountains

Brook stone one mile from town. Most cabins are 2 story. Resort area offers a out door pool access.

Harmony Hills one mile from town with a wooded secluded setting

Crest View 3 1/2 miles from downtown Pigeon Forge off of Wears Valley Road offers views of the mountain without the way up mountain drive. The only time you go up are the driveways that are paved.

Pine Mountain 2 miles from town all roads are paved more in a mountain area that offering mountain views

Pine Haven location 2 miles from town all roads are paved in a wooded and mountain setting

Hidden Springs 2 miles from town off of middle creek road. All roads are paved and resort offers a indoor pool year round

Smoky Ridge 4 miles from town off of wears valley road. All roads are paved. Resort offers outdoor pool and fishing access.

Listed below is some information on Hot Rod Weekend that may be help full on parking.
Pigeon Forge Dept. of Tourism Update 4-11-2011
Car Show Information
Grand Spring Rod Run April 15 - 17 – Hosted by the Grand Hotel
Show times Friday 9am – 6pm Cost $10 per person
Saturday 9am – 6pm Under age of 12 Free
Sunday 9am – 1pm

Spectator Parking
United Way Fund Raiser Parking Lot - corner of Teaster Lane and Jake Thomas Rd.
8am – 8pm Friday & Saturday (No Overnight Security)
1 day pass $10
2 day pass $20

Car Haulers & Trailer Parking
United Way Fund Raiser Parking Lot - corner of Teaster Lane and Jake Thomas Rd.
8am – 8pm Friday & Saturday
$20 a day (No Overnight Security)

Hack’s Parking- is located on C.A. King Blvd. behind Pigeon Forge Outlet Mall and Mama’s Farmhouse. Overnight Security will be provided.
$10 per day per vehicle- standard Car, Truck or Trailer
$15 per day Truck with Trailer combo
$20 per day Rollback Trailer

U-Haul Wears Valley Rd. will also allow Trucks or Trailers to park in their fenced/secure lot for a fee. Call 428-6752

Golf Carts
Golf Carts are not legal on the sidewalks.
Golf Carts must be street legal to be on the roads (Lights, seat belts, registered, insured).
We do not have anyone in our area that provides these that we are aware of at this time.
Any further questions in reference to Golf Carts beyond this point need to be referred to the Pigeon Forge Police Dept.

For Locations listed above please call toll free 1-877-774-4121 or go to http://www.firesidechalets.com

Where is your favorite place to take your classic car or hot rod?Please let us know